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About Us

We at Technotips believe that the only way for doing stupendous work is loving what you are doing. Hence, we absolutely love designing and creating for clients. Our portfolio bears testimony to the style range, creativity and strategies that we are capable of delivering. A design approach that we have followed this far religiously has to be, flexibility. With this kind of agility, we have been able to embrace frequently complex and new client needs. Based in Odisha’s capital city of Bhubaneshwar, we visualize creativity in developing software, communication technology, Web designing and Software development. We believe that businesses must be empowered with futuristic vision. Technotips remains to be unique in its own venture so as to present comprehensive visibility for creating an environment to capture the opportunities by real-time information. Risks are averted within limited time-frames. Innovation has been our buzzword and sole objective throughout our journey.

who we are


Our mission at Technotips has been to educate, empower, enrich, prepare and inspire the leaders of tomorrow through technology and research. Anyone may come up with ideas; but only Technotips can execute those, the way we do. We are responsive and engaged enough to succeed. Thus, for this we present career-focused, flexible and highly quality IT services and products.


The sole vision of Technotips has been to ensure success for the companies by providing IT products that are relevant. We foster collaboration of community, strengthen development of workforce ad develop community partnerships. Technotips aspires being a leader that is internationally recognized through compassionate, rigorous and innovative approach to IT industry. We desire to adopt didactic strategies with collaborations.




We are committed to providing Affordability and best quality with great satisfaction of clients beyond imagination. This has helped us reach Odisha’s every nook and cranny. Technotips can be your trusted partner because we promise and assist companies for getting best out of the hard-earned money they invested. We design innovative products cost-effectively and quickly besides presenting reliable outputs.