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Basic .Net 4.0

Net provides the best platform available today for delivering Web & Windows Application. .Net helps make software better, faster, cheaper, and more secure. For companies, .Net provides a stable, scalable and secure environment for software development. .Net can lower costs by speeding development and connecting systems, increase sales by giving employees access to the tools and information they need, and connect your business to customers, suppliers and partners.

Carreer in .Net

Young technical Graduate or normal Graduate with some programming background can find future in IT as .Net Developer after the completion of the .Net Training, we provide Live projects / Real time projects, we understand the needs of the students and hence provide career guidance to all the students who are doing or have completed their .Net training. In Bhubaneswar, there is an ample scope of opportunities for Software developers and hence our live projects increases their chances to get a good job In Bhubaneswar there are lots of Companies providing Training but at Zaplinx Integrated Solutions, our genuine projects will cover the key components necessary to plan, build, and roll out Windows, ASP.Net, WCF applications using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 & 2010.

Key Features

  • Give 100 days and become Software Professional
  • We bring you the opportunity to work on live projects with real time scenarios
  • Discover the most effective training like never before
  • Our projects help you to learn all critical skills
  • Get experience on working live projects Committed to Excellence and outstanding Training
  • Get Valid Certificate with Job Assistance.

Learn How To

  • Design and program Web and Windows applications using Microsoft .NET 4.0/3.5 and Visual Studio 2010 & 2008
  • Write object-oriented code using asp.net language syntax
  • Analyze user requirements and design classes, user interfaces and databases
  • Create ASP.NET Web applications with MVC and process Web Forms
  • Control Web site access with Web Forms authentication
  • Build SQL Server databases and access them using ADO.NET and LINQ.
  • Writing object-oriented applications using asp.net constructs
  • Programming Windows Forms & console applications
  • Planning and designing object-oriented applications, classes and UIs
  • Leveraging Visual Studio tools for rapid application development
  • Creating ASP.NET Web applications and processing Web Forms
  • Managing Web users with ASP.NET Forms authentication
  • Saving data to SQL Server databases using ADO.NET

Project Benifits

Our Genuine Projects enables you to easily develop modern software applications. In this Projects, you acquire the Complicity with real time scenarios and hands-on experience to write applications using Asp.Net. You learn how to design object-oriented applications with Visual Studio, create ASP.NET Web applications and connect to the database.


Eligibility: - BCA /B.Tech /B.E /MCA

For any Query Feel free to call us @ 7250535101 or mail us @ info@technotips.co.in

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