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Apps Development

We deliver apps for both mobile and desktops. We take our client’s requirements into consideration and start the development process. The team at Technopolis, use their best minds to design the product and all the concepts that would be used to empower it. We also create smart prototypes that are then tested with meticulous care and thoroughness. We fix bug-related issues and any other problems our client’s applications may be going through. Finally, we deliver the product at its optimal state, and then we give the go-ahead to launch it. With our team of software experts, graphic designers and app developers, we deliver just about any type of applications, from productivity apps to games.

Digital Life

We spend time and resources on designing the potential ways of integrating the human computer experience, specifically by augmented reality. We incorporate augmented reality into our applications for a more convenient and interactive user experience. Utilizing the camera, the speaker, the motion sensor and the pedometer inbuilt into one’s mobile, it has enhanced user experience in a number of ways: one can now track their walking progress using the GPS, can check in to hotels using facial recognition, can use their voice to set their alarms, shopping lists and music player, and you can play mobile games with tilt controls for a more immersive experience. Our team brainstorms to find new ways to make using technology frictionless.



Internet of things

We cover almost all smart devices within the internet of things, including light fixtures and fans, speakers, remotes, curtains, doors and windows, and almost anything you can think of. We are working on the latest technology to bring you new devices that can be incorporated with the internet of things. We fulfil our duty to provide with full satisfaction and optimal services. We aim to improve all the playing factors in the IoT by increasing bandwidth on things like Wi-Fi and bluetooth, while also optimising bandwidth usage to make the most out of its potential.

Big data

We help with problems pertaining to different kinds of big data for our clients. External factors may interfere with a company’s working of big data. We keep your information updated so your servers are not overwhelmed by unstructured data. With the massive number of people utilising the internet on a daily basis, new things are fed into the system every day. Not only can we help harness all this untapped data, but our team can help our clients analyse the data for recognising digital trends, marketing purposes, latest developments and any compromised sensitive information.